“Having Akhilesh on board during the product selection, design and implementation of the middleware & mobility stack was extremely valuable for me. His commitment and ability to go well beyond advisory and into program management, and hands-on delivery was immensely useful. It’ll be fair to say that he’s a great partner to have in the digital transformation initiatives.”
Anup Purohit
CIO, Yes Bank
“The team at Quantiguous, led by Akhilesh has been a delight to work with. With continuous delivery, automated tests, quick turnaround incorporating all stakeholder feedback gives them an edge in an otherwise saturated enterprise product & services space.”


Sanjay Sharma
“As part of our digital innovations, I needed a solution that would interface with my core banking system and NSCCL to efficiently pledge FD collaterals for RBL’s trading customers. Although Quantiguous had worked earlier with RBL on other initiatives, this was my first assignment to the team; and I must say I was delighted with the clarity on the approach, the quality of the interface, and participatory management during a fairly long drawn implementation and certification process. I would highly recommend them.”




Abhijeet Davane
Leader- Open API, Mobility, ATM
“When we decided to recreate RBL’s mobile app on a completely new IBM stack, it was critical that we did so balancing the schedule, cost and features. We engaged Quantiguous for solution design, technical architecture and mentoring for the program. The team participated across all areas that we needed to work on, guiding the team from inception till go live and post live support. The engagement ensured that by the end of the program, our teams were well equipped to take the mobile app through multiple additional iterations in the coming months. I was thoroughly impressed with the commitment and quality of work, communication, timeliness and pricing. I would definitely recommend them for any new initiatives in digital banking. Wishing all the best to team Quantiguous!!!”
Asmita.D. Panchal
Deputy Vice President – IT
“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to meet aggressive targets for disbursing loans in rural India. The solution would interface with our existing systems, and give the operations team an interface to monitor, resolve exceptions and carry out data entry process offline.
The solution from Quantiguous, GUFA, automatically pickups files shipped by data capture teams, validates incoming data, perform credit checks, and book loans by interfacing with Equifax & Ganaseva. The operations team can now focus on exceptions rather than managing process end to end on Core FI application. This resulted in a 3x increase in the processing, totaling to peak loan booking of 8000 per day.”
Amit Goel
Vice President – BSG
“Interfaces to credit card systems have always been cumbersome & launching new products has a fairly long lead time. Our decision to launch ‘covert to EMI’ with an aggressive schedule, required a team that shared the sense of urgency. Since then, I’ve done a handful of projects with Quantiguous, including building interfaces for a credit card mobile app, & I have to say I’m incredibly impressed. The work is excellent, their ability to extract information from multiple stakeholders produces great results with little handholding.”
Rahul Dayal
Head – Liabilities, Cards & Business Intelligence

Case Studies

Electronic Fixed Deposit Receipt (EFDR)

Real time Security/Margin deposits with NSCCL
Enable real time Acceptance, Renewal, Release and Encashment of FD Collaterals (FDR) of your customers marked in favour of National Securities Clearing Corporation, Ltd. (NSCCL)
Timing: 2 Months
Client: RBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus
Interfaces: Finacle, NSCCL


Account Opening For Financial Inclusion
A solution to process a high volume file based account opening process, complete with data verification, online credit check, data correction and retry facilities.
Timing: 3 Months
Client: YBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus, Ruby on Rails
Interfaces: Ganaseva, Equifax


Send money from Social Media
Send money, view transactions from any social media app
Timing: 1 Month
Client: YBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus
Interfaces: Flexcube


Smart Banking On feature phones
A SIM sleeve converts a feature phone to a secure smart banking device.
Timing: 3 Months
Client: YBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus
Interfaces: Taisys, MatchMove, Flexcube


Convert credit card purchases into EMIs
A solution that equips call center executives handle convert to EMI calls from customers, with the ability to view eligible transactions, view the EMI, get it approved, and create files that are then sent off to the credit card system for processing. This was later extended to allow customers to convert to EMI from a mobile app.
Timing: 2 Months
Client: RBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus, Ruby on Rails
Interfaces: VisionPlus, Finacle


National Unified USSD Platform
National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI) NUUP aims to provide a standard interface for across banks and across phones to promote adoption of mobile banking. Participating banks are required to create a ‘connector’ as per the specifications of NPCI to enable this.
Timing: 1 Month
Client: RBL
Technology: IBM Integration Bus
Interfaces: Finacle, NPCI